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MXR FET Driver

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  • Creamy, overdriven tube sound
  • Subtle soft-clipping to early stage distortion
  • True bypass
  • Featuring a unique circuit design, the MXR FET Driver captures the rich, creamy sound of an overdriven tube amplifier by cascading an op-amp gain stage into a FET stage. The FET Driver thickens up lead tones with musical, amp-like distortion and sustain without the fragility and inconsistency associated with tubes.í«ÌÎ_

    The FET Driver features a simple but responsive set of controls. Set your volume level with the Output control, and then use the Drive control to dial in the grit, from subtle soft-clipping to early stage distortion. Fine tune the FET Driver‰ۡóÁÌ_åÈs sound by tweaking Hi and Lo boost/cut controls, and push the Hi Cut switch to roll off high end frequencies when playing in high volume situations where excess noise is apparent.í«ÌÎ_

    The FET Driver features true bypass switching and comes in a heavy duty metal housing that‰ۡóÁÌ_åÈs ready for the road.

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