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Mojo Hand FX Rook Royale Overdrive


The Rook Royale features both the Rook, and The Speakeasy, in one pedal, all the features of both pedals, as well as order switching!


The Rook

Since it‰۪s release back in 2011 the Rook Overdrive has been hailed as the ‰ÛÏNew Standard of Boutique Overdrives‰۝ and has been seen on the pedal boards (and heard on albums) of numerous top shelf players including:

Brad Whitford (Aerosmith), Ty Tabor (King‰۪s X), Andy Timmons, Mark Tremonti and Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge), Mato Nanji (Indigenous), Marlon Young (Kid Rock), Mike Zito (Royal Southern Brotherhood), Lance Lopez, Pepper Keenan (Down), Cody Canada and Seth James (The Departed), Ryan McGarvey, and others.


With its Baxandall-driven EQ section and 3-way voicing switch, the Rook‰۪s versatility has verged on uncharted territory for a small, simple 4-knob OD. It was this combination of versatility, sound/build quality and affordability that led to the Rook being named ‰ÛÏPedal of the Year‰۝ by What‰۪s That Dude Play in ______ .


Now the standard is getting an upgrade.

The Speakeasy

Based on the revered EP-3 circuit, the Speakeasy one ups the competition by giving you more shaping ability and tonal range. The seperate GAIN and VOLUME controls essentially double the preamp‰۪s useability while the addition of a full range TONE knob and 3 way ‰Û÷thickness‰۪ switch allows you to tailor the Speakeasy‰۪s tone to your needs.


-VOLUME ‰ÛÒ adjusts the signal level
-GAIN ‰ÛÒ keep low for ‰ÛÏclean boost‰۝ functions, crank for crunch
-TONE ‰ÛÒ keeps the lows intact while you dial in your desired amount of top end
-3 way toggle ‰ÛÒ {thickness switch} UP ‰ÛÒ adds punch CENTER ‰ÛÒ neutral DOWN ‰ÛÒ mucho bottom



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