It’s time to learn to love digital

By: Dean   On: 26 September 2017 

It’s time to learn to love digital…..

Anybody who’s spent much time in the store with me has probably got the idea by now that I’ve pretty much always been an analogue stomp-box and amp type of guy. I’ve spent some time using digital multi-fx units, but always come back to my analogue gear because to my ear it just sounds better.

So it’s easy to get the impression that I hate digital gear - which is just not true, and here’s why….



This amp is one of the first guitar amps my brother and I owned when we were teenagers learning to play guitar. I know dozens of other people who either had this same model, or one very much like it.

At the time, I loved it. I was happy to have anything guitar related, but as time went on, I realised that this amp only had two sounds (clean & overdriven) and neither of them were any good.


Today’s beginners have it much better thanks to digital technology.

Take the Fender Mustang GT range for example. With the 40 watt version, you’ve got an amp suited to bedroom practice with literally hundreds of sounds on board.

Want to copy that classic guitar sound from your favourite album? There’s probably already a preset on board that’ll get you really close to the tone, and you can also use the bluetooth audio function to play along with the song as well. Awesome.

Sure, it might not be the same visceral experience you’ll get on a huge stage, plugged into a wall of valve amps and 4x12 cabs, but when you compare it to my first Gorilla amp….


It’s not just the beginners who have it better either.

We recently got our first shipment of the amazing Headrush pedalboard.

Within minutes of using this unit, it was easy to see just how powerful it is. Not only is it ridiculously easy to create the most complex virtual rigs using the touch-screen interface, but it’s able to operate in whatever mode best suits your needs at the time.

Need to experiment with different sounds and have the unit operate like a bunch of individual stomp-boxes? Done.

Want to set-up and save multiple different virtual rigs? Can do.

Want to organise your patches into setlists for simple one-touch operation at your next gig? Easy.


Want to know the best thing about it though? It sounds great.

Having been built around an updated version of the same software from Avid’s Eleven Rack (found in pro rigs and studios the world over), the Headrush really does sound fantastic either in the studio or on stage.

If you haven’t already been in store to check out how good either of these products are, you really should check them out soon and see why whether you’re just starting out, or a seasoned pro, it’s time to start learning to love digital.



Check out Fender's Mustang GT range here.
Check out the Headrush Pedalboard here.

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